Our Expertise

NYCIT offers cutting edge treatments and interventions for young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in our Early Intervention program and in our Private Services. Backed by research in partnership with UCLA and conducted within our own Early Intervention program, we offer proven better outcomes in the development of language, social communication, and play skills for young children diagnosed with Autism.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

Serving children across New York City for over 20 years, we have a long and distinguished reputation in the community as a leader in Early Intervention ABA therapy. New York Center’s ABA Program implements a Verbal Behavior Curriculum emphasizing teaching the functions of language through a variety of instructional settings. Children learn through both structured teaching and more naturalistic routines and activities. Assessment is ongoing as each child’s progress is tracked and analyzed on a daily basis.

New York Center’s ABA program offers high-quality supervision provided by a leadership team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). The BCBAs working with New York Center provides comprehensive training and supervision to ensure that our interventionists provide the highest quality ABA strategies and techniques. Training, support, and supervision is ongoing as BCBAs work closely with all members of the child’s ABA team throughout their time with our program.

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NYCIT, in partnership with Dr. Connie Kasari at UCLA, is the sole provider of JASPER services in New York City Early Intervention. JASPER (Joint Attention, Symbolic Play, Engagement, and Regulation) is an evidence-based intervention developed from years of research at UCLA and is based on a combination of developmental and behavioral principles. It targets the foundations of social communication (joint attention, imitation, and play) and uses naturalistic strategies to increase the rate and complexity of social communication.

Based upon randomized control trials as reported in a peer reviewed journal article, results showed that two-year old children with Autism receiving JASPER in addition to ABA had significantly better outcomes in social communication and play skills than children who received ABA and an unstructured socialization group. Other studies conducted by Dr. Kasari report similar better outcomes for young children who received JASPER in addition to ABA as compared to children who received ABA alone.

Home and School Based Options

New York Center provides Early Intervention services for young children with Autism in their homes, community locations, and our specialized school-based settings. Working in both English and Spanish, New York Center’s classrooms in the Bronx and Manhattan offer our unique approach that includes a combination of ABA and JASPER methodologies. Individualized instruction designed to address goals in language, play, and social communication development is offered in a variety of classroom routines.